Service Terms & Conditions


  • By signing the Rental Agreement, the Lessee confirms that it has fully understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions below.
  • By signing the Rental Agreement, the Lessee grants Auto 100 Rent OÜ the right to debit all fees and surcharges arising from the Agreement from the Lessee's credit card, debit card and / or deduct from the deposit.


  • A valid driver's license and identity document (ie ID card or passport) must be presented when renting a vehicle.
  • If a driving license is issued outside the European Union (EU), an International Driving Permit may be required in addition to the driving license.
  • The vehicle can only be driven by a person who has entered into a lease contract, ie the lease is valid as an authorization.
  • Additional driver (s) can be added to the lease.
  • Drivers included in the lease must be at least 21 years old at the time of signing the lease and at least 2 years of driving experience.


  • Rental rates are in euros, include VAT, mileage for the selected period, regular maintenance, motor and casco insurance and 24 hours of car assistance.
  • Rental rates do not include fuel costs.
  • Rental rates are calculated on the basis of the rental period, ie a longer period corresponds to cheaper rental price and vice versa. If the initially agreed rental period is shortened, rental prices will be recalculated according to the actual rental period.


  • Rental prices include the cost of compulsory motor third party liability insurance.
  • Rental rates include the cost of comprehensive insurance (the tenant's deductible is 400 - 2000 € + VAT depending on the vehicle)
  • In the event of vehicle theft, the tenant's deductible depending on the vehicle is 15% to 20% of the vehicle's insurance value, provided that the lessee returns both the vehicle keys and the documents to the lessor. If the vehicle is stolen with keys and / or documents, the lessee's liability is 100% of the vehicle's insurance value.
  • The deductible is applied to each insured event. Damages resulting from various acts or events are considered to be different insurance events
  • The tires and wheels of the vehicle are not insured and the lessee bears full material liability (eg breakage of a tire or wheel, etc.)
  • Vehicle keys and documents are not insured and the lessee bears full material liability (for example, loss of keys / documents, destruction, etc.)
  • In the event of damage caused by the Lessee or a third party, the replacement vehicle for the time of repair is not included in the rental price, unless there is a corresponding notice in the Rental Contract.


  • The expected rental amount (including selected additional services) will be prepaid before the start of the rental period, but final settlement will take place at the end of the rental period.
  • Payment is possible by credit card, debit card, bank transfer (invoice).
  • The amount of rent paid in advance is not refunded in case of returning the vehicle earlier.
  • If the further use of the vehicle is hindered by the tenant's activities, the amounts paid in advance shall in no case be refunded.
  • The cost of an additional rental hour is 25 - 50 € / hour depending on the vehicle. If the rental start and end time differs by more than 3.5 hours, the cost of one rental day is added.
  • Auto 100 Rent OÜ is the responsible processor of personal data, Auto 100 Rent OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.


  • The Lessee must pay the deposit via bank transfer on the basis of a previously sent invoice or provide a bank card (credit card or a suitable debit card, ie Visa, MasterCard) issued to its name.
  • If the Lessee has not paid the deposit based on the invoice by transfer before the start of the rental period. Then the deposit is booked from the Lessee's bank card in the amount of 600 - 2000 €. Auto 100 Rent reserves the right to demand a larger deposit if necessary depending on the user or area of ​​use. In some cases, we accept a letter of guarantee as a deposit.
  • The deposit is used to cover any future losses and / or settlements and will be returned or offset at the end of the rental period.
  • Deposits / collateral will be returned / released in the absence of complaints in general within 7 days. A transfer of € 0.01 (one euro cent) will be made to release the deposit.
  • Auto 100 Rent does not accept deposits in cash


Rental periods are calculated as follows:

  • Day = 24 hours
  • Week = 7 days
  • Month = 30 days


  • The vehicle is handed over to the lessee with a full tank of fuel, clean and technically in good condition.
  • When the vehicle is handed over, pictures of the vehicle are taken to fix the condition of the vehicle. Injuries are also written in the contract. By accepting the vehicle and signing the contract, the tenant agrees to the condition of the vehicle.
  • When the vehicle is returned, the state of the vehicle is fixed with pictures taken similarly to the vehicle.
  • Possible new injuries are detected by comparing the images when returning the vehicle.
  • When returning the vehicle, the fuel tank has to be full unless agreed otherwise.
  • When the vehicle is returned, the vehicle interior must be clean, but the vehicle's exterior washing and cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is included in the rental price.


  • Rental rates include mileage according to mileage stated in the offer and / or contract.
  • Upon exceeding the mileage limit, the surcharge shall be applied at the rate indicated in the contract.
  • Double mileage contract can be chosen in case of need, extra rates apply.


  • If the Lessee does not agree with the Lessor's claim or its size, it has the right to file an lawsuit within 30 days from the date of receipt of the claim. Failure to submit an lawsuit within the time limit shall be construed as acceptance of the claim in full and subsequent claims of the Lessee shall not be taken into account.
  • In a situation where the Lessee exercises his right to return the car without exterior washing, the Lessor has the right to submit to the Lessee seventy-two (72) hours after the return of the vehicle claims for car damage.


  • If the rent is not paid on time, the Lessee is obliged to pay a penalty of 0.5% per day of the outstanding amount.
  • The Lessee is obliged to review the Vehicle before putting it into use, to make sure it is in the condition described. Signing a contract means no complaints.
  • The Lessee undertakes to use the Vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and good practice.
  • The Lessee is obliged to take care of the Vehicle prudently and to eliminate the deficiencies (bear the cost) to keep the car in good condition
  • It is not allowed to drive a vehicle on any race track, participate in any competitions, rallies, tests, etc. It is also not permitted to use the vehicle for study trips, paid passenger transportation, dangerous substances, transport of live animals, etc. Otherwise, the Lessor has the right to demand from the Lessee a contractual penalty of EUR 1,000 and compensation for damages caused.
  • The vehicle is not allowed to travel on unpaved roads (except for official gravel roads) or on roads where the soil or condition may endanger the vehicle's rims, tires, body mechanisms and / or components.
  • The Lessee is not obliged to give the Vehicle to a third party for use except to another driver listed in this agreement.
  • The Lessee or another driver is required to verify the technical condition of the Vehicle prior to each trip and to monitor the vehicle's technical condition while driving. If a technical failure occurs, stop driving until the fault has been rectified. The Lessee is obliged to check the presence of oils and other liquids in the systems. In the event of damage to the vehicle caused by the lack or absence of oils or other liquids in the system, all costs of repairing the vehicle shall be borne by the lessee.
  • The Lessee is obliged to refuel the Vehicle only with high quality motor vehicle fuel. Damage caused by poor quality fuel is borne by the Lessee.
  • The Lessee is obliged to make every effort to prevent damage to the Lessor and third parties.
  • The Lessee is not allowed to abandon the vehicle.
  • Traffic accident, theft, vandalism, etc. in the event the Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor of the occurrence. In case of a situation where the Lessee has a legal obligation to inform the police about the incident, the Lessee is obliged to do so.
  • The Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle to the agreed place at the agreed time at the end of the stated rental period. The vehicle must not be abandoned.
  • In the event of damage to the Lessor and / or third parties or loss of documents or items, the Lessee and the other driver are obliged to provide the Lessor with a written explanation of the incident at the latest within 24 hours. If there is no other way to provide a written explanation, it may also be submitted to the Lessor by the e-mail address indicated in the contract, providing an explanation with a digital signature.
  • If the Vehicle's interior needs dry cleaning on return, the Lessee must pay 200 EUR for dry cleaning.
  • The Lessee undertakes to pay promptly any financial claims and liabilities arising from this Agreement at the request of the Lessor. Immediate execution of monetary claims shall not be suspended or hindered by the processing of a misdemeanor, criminal matter or insurance event. Payment of any damage does not relieve the Lessee from paying the rent for the days when the amount of the loss was explained and the situation prior to the damage was restored.


  • Losses arising from a traffic accident or unlawful behavior of a third party shall be borne by the Lessee to the extent not covered by the insurance (i.e. the rate of excess). The amount of the deductible is stated in the contract. If the insurance company refuses to pay the insurance indemnity or if the loss event is not an insured event, the Lessee undertakes to compensate the Leasing Company for any losses incurred.
  • The Lessee shall be fully liable for any parts or accessories lost or replaced from the Vehicle.
  • In case of damage to the vehicle by itself or by third parties, the Lessee is rensponsible.
  • If the Lessee or another driver has deliberately caused damage to the Lessor or a third party by his or her act (act or omission), the Lessee shall borne the expenses.
  • The Lessee shall bear the full amount of the damage caused by the driving the vehicle in the state of fatigue or under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol.
  • If the Lessee transfers the Vehicle to a third party, the Lessee shall bear any damage caused to the Lessor or third parties.
  • The Lessee shall be obliged to pay the rent for 1 day for repairs = 1 day for use of the vehicle, but not more than 30 days for the elimination of the damage (repair) caused to the vehicle.
  • If the Vehicle is abandoned, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor a contractual penalty within the cost of the Vehicle.


  • In the case of claims by third parties, the Lessee undertakes to pay a penalty of 15 €, plus a third party claim (for example, parking penalty, speed camera penalty, etc.)
  • In the case of missing fuel, the lessee is obliged to pay a penalty of € 15 plus the cost of the missing fuel
  • If the Keychain is lost, the Lessee undertakes to pay a penalty of 25 €
  • The renter is obliged to pay € 60 for thorough cleaning of the vehicle interior (including garbage collection)
  • In the case of missing vehicle equipment or accessories, the Lessee undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 100 €, plus the costs of replacing the missing equipment according to the price lists of the car dealer.
  • In case of loss / destruction of vehicle documents, the Lessee shall pay a contractual penalty of 100 € plus state fee according to the legislation in force
  • In case of loss / destruction of vehicle key (s), the Lessee is obliged to pay a contractual penalty of 100 €, plus all costs of replacing the key (s) according to the price list of the car representation.
  • In case of violation of smoking and / or alcohol / drug prohibition in the vehicle, the Lessee undertakes to pay a penalty of 300 €
  • If the vehicle is not returned on time, the lessee is obliged to pay the rent for the delay for three (3) times the rate, but not less than two days on the basis of the normal price list. In addition, the lessee undertakes to compensate the lessor for the economic loss caused by the delay
  • If the vehicle is used for non-purposeful and / or non-proprietary use (ie, if the lessee does not use the vehicle according to the manufacturer's instructions and / or good practice), the lessee is obliged to pay a contractual penalty of € 1,000 plus all the costs of restoring the vehicle's pre-lease situation.
  • If the vehicle is handed over to a person not contracted for this purpose, the Lessee shall pay a contractual penalty of 500 €
  • If the vehicle is used outside the area indicated in the contract without the written permission of Auto 100 Rent OÜ, the lease agreement is terminated immediately and the lessee undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 1000 €, plus all the costs of returning the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle and / or keys are left in a location not designated for this purpose without prior agreement, the Lessee is obliged to pay a contractual penalty of 100 €, plus all costs of returning the vehicle and / or keys.


  • The Lessor undertakes to hand over the Vehicle to the Lessee at the time and place specified in the Agreement.
  • The Lessor undertakes to perform the contract in good faith.


  • The Lessor has the right to check the condition of the Vehicle and its maintenance.
  • The Lessor shall have the right to monitor the movement and use of the vehicle by means of a monitoring device installed in the vehicle.
  • The Lessor shall determine the location, conditions and extent of the Vehicle Repair, regardless of the location of the Vehicle.
  • The Lessor has the right to waive the lease of the Vehicle, terminate the Rental Agreement and demand immediate return of the Vehicle, if the Lessee or the other driver raises doubts, violates the terms of the Rental Contract, fails to operate the Vehicle, has provided false information upon the conclusion of the Rental Contract, uses the Vehicle for malicious purposes, misleads the Lessor or misleads circumstances that may endanger the interests of the Vehicle or the Lessor.
  • Any damage caused by a vehicle failure and other damage (accident, traffic accident, missed or interrupted travel, damage caused by the Lessee or another driver due to failure to perform work or other obligations) shall not be borne by the Lessor. These costs are borne by the Lessee and are a rental risk.


  • The Lessee agrees to the following personal data published by Auto 100 Rent OÜ: name, personal identification code, date of occurrence and termination of payment failure and amount by forwarding this information to Krediidiinfo AS and authorizing the processing of the listed data in the credit default register maintained by Krediidiinfo AS.
  • The right to transfer the Lessee's data to Kreedidiinfo AS arises if the Lessee has not fulfilled the financial obligation arising from this Agreement.


Booking conditions



  • These booking terms regulate the relationship between the customer and the owner of Auto 100 Rent OÜ when booking a vehicle.
  • When booking a vehicle on the customer confirms that he / she has fully understood and accepted these terms and conditions


  • Bookings are accepted for a specific vehicle, but in the event of unfavorable circumstances, a particular vehicle may be replaced without prior notice by an equivalent other vehicle, ie the availability of a particular vehicle is not guaranteed at any time.
  • Examples of disadvantages include, but are not limited to, overlapping of reservations, technical failure of the vehicle, destruction of the vehicle, delay in returning the vehicle, or the like.
  • If the vehicle is replaced by Auto 100 Rent OÜ, the price does not change for the customer.
  • Auto 100 Rent OÜ makes every effort to ensure the availability of the booked vehicle.


  • A full prepayment is required to confirm your booking.
  • Prices are in euros.
  • Reservations can also be paid via bank transfer on the basis of a prepayment invoice.
  • Upon confirmation of the booking, the e-mail corresponding to the customer's e-mail address indicated on the booking will be sent with the booking confirmation. In exceptional cases, the booking may also be confirmed by telephone or e-mail
  • Reservations are usually confirmed on working days within 24 hours
  • If there is less than 24 hours between the time of booking and the beginning of the reservation, please check the availability of the vehicle by phone +372 683 7020.


  • Changes to the booking are allowed up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period.
  • Changes to the bookings up to 72 hours before the start of the booking are free of charge, but the cost of the booking may vary according to the changes made.
  • You must send an e-mail to to change your booking


  • Cancellation is allowed up to 72 hours prior to booking.
  • To cancel the booking, you must send an e-mail to
  • If canceled at least 72 hours before the date of booking, the cancellation fee is 25% of the cost of the booking, but not less than one day's rent
  • If canceled less than 72 hours before the start of the reservation and / or no-show, the cancellation fee is 100%, ie no prepayment is refunded.
  • In the event of cancellation of the reservation in the circumstances caused by the Lessee (eg, but not only the absence of valid driving licenses and / or other documents, the absence of a suitable bank card or funds, the non-payment of the deposit, the submission of false information, etc.), the cancellation fee is 100%, ie the amounts paid in advance are not refundable under any circumstances.

Other conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions apply at the same time as the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and the terms and conditions set out in the Rental Agreement, these Terms and Conditions (except the Excess Limit) apply.
  • In resolving any disputes arising from the Agreement, the Parties shall be governed by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  • Auto 100 Rent OÜ shall not be responsible for the cost of interruption of travel, indirect costs, loss of profit or other similar expenses in the event of a technical failure.
  • Auto 100 Rent OÜ does not guarantee the availability of vehicles at any time.
  • Auto 100 Rent OÜ reserves the right not to rent a vehicle.
  • Auto 100 Rent OÜ reserves the right to change prices and conditions without notice.